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Five Warnings From Tattoo Designers/Tattoo Design Experts

Tattoos have become a craze in teenagers and young adults in the past decade, although this art has been appreciated and sported by people belonging to different cultures for centuries now. For many years, tattoos were predominantly seen on merchant marines, sported by sailors who traveled to ports around the world where there were tattoo artists creating magnificent designs, long before they became popular in America.

However, when it comes to selecting tattoo designs and having them inked on your skin, there are five warnings from tattoo design experts that tattoos enthusiasts should be aware of.

Check upon the quality of the design and reputation of the tattoo designer - Make sure the tattoo artist is skilled and experienced and doesn't use outdated patterns or old ink. There may be some designs where the quality is very low and the image is hazy, which sometimes even resembles an ugly rash on the skin rather than a beautiful design.

These designs are generally less expensive, but remember, a tattoo is a permanent mark on the body, and cannot be easily removed. Most of the people who get a low quality tattoo usually end up regretting it.

Pay attention to the words or lines used in your tattoo - Be careful and think at least 10 times before you decide to put certain words or phrases in the design of your tattoo. Attitudes generally change as people grow up and realize that some words or statements are inappropriate and immature.

So, refrain from incorporating any word, phrase or a statement that is not a part of your true personality or something that might hurt the feelings of those in your community. It's one thing to be a rebellious teenager and want to put abusive, slanderous, or foul language on the body as a statement, but as an adult and in a professional environment, it's simply unacceptable.

Choose the part of your body for tattooing with utmost care - Most designers recommend various locations on the body for specific tattoos, but they rarely recommend getting your first tattoo on the face, the top of the hands, or on the neck. The reason is that tattoos on face and neck are very hard to cover up if the situation requires covering them, such as a job profile where in tattoos are not allowed.

Give your tattoo and your body sufficient time to heal and recover - Make sure the tattoo artist provides clear instructions on how to take care of your tattoo and your skin before the tattoo heals completely.

These include recommending an antibiotic cream to use in the first week after the tattoo is done, as well as washing it five times a day to keep it clean and avoid infection. They should also recommend keeping it out of the sun, and a moisturizer to use after the first week to prevent the skin from drying out.

Discuss your skin conditions with the tattoo artist before getting it inked - People who have extremely sensitive skin may consider avoiding tattoos. If they have psoriasis, or scar easily, they should avoid tattoos because of the likelihood of keloid scars making the area ugly and prone to more infections.

Some people think getting a tattoo to cover a birthmark is a good idea, but check with a dermatologist first, and if it's not recommended, don't do it.

Getting a tattoo can be a great expression of the person, but when it's done without understanding the pros and cons of having a cheap tattoo from an inexperienced tattoo artist; it can be a real disaster. Take these five warnings from tattoo designer experts to heart and have a tattoo that you will cherish forever.

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