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Popular Tattoo Design Ideas & Their Symbolic Meaning

Choosing a tattoo design can be an arduous journey, after all it will be with you for life, and clearly it should be a good choice. "But what design should I have and why?"

No one can really answer this for you as it has to be a personal choice, you must choose for your own reasons and with your own significant meaning. Below you will find an outline of the most popular tattoo designs and a summary of their general meaning.

Tribal Tattoo By far the most common style of tattoo you will find. The tribal tattoo is steeped in history and culture and finds its root in many continents from Africa, Asia to Oceania and the Pacific islands

Animal Tattoos Chosen for many different reasons, but largely represents our affinity and respect for our animal cousins

Bird Tattoos A popular choice, again with many variations from small swallows, to crows and owls. Generally these types of tattoos are associated with freedom

Cross Tattoos Religious symbolisms are generally the main reasons for cross tattoos, found in many styles and colors. There is also a heavy connection with Celtic stylization and you will often find a fusion of religious and Celt history in these tattoo designs

Eagle Tattoos A great symbol of power, representing one of the ultimate predators - a true killing machine! Very popular in the USA and holds strong patriotic symbolism, often you will see eagle tattoo designs which feature the colors of or the actual USA flag

Tattoos of Faces Face designs express our own view of humans; they hold a deep connection to the actual identity of the design. It is common to see face designs (portraits) of decease family members. Also mythical and fantasy characters features heavily here too

Fairy A very popular female choice, possibly expressing the child in us which dreamt of fairies and pixies!

Sun Tattoos In a way, similar to tribal tattoo designs in the sense of the history and culture of many civilizations. The sun has always held special importance across many continents and times as the giver of life and an icon of rejuvenation.

Flower Flowers are another favorite with women, the rose featuring heavily. Seen more, and more frequently within a tribal backdrop. Strong nature element suggested

Horoscope Common designs, often in tribal form with the scorpion by far being the most sought after for the obvious "Sting in the tail" reference

Wolf Tattoos The wolf design seems to invoke and symbolize the primeval in us, a savage ruthless beast.

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