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What Is A Custom Tattoo Stencil And Why Is It Important?

A custom tattoo stencil used by a tattoo artist at the time of outlining or inking a tattoo on their client's skin. The stencil serves as a pattern for them to draw the outline. However, it has no utility for the entire duration of the process of the tattoo application. It is used only when the tattoo design needs to be drawn and of course, contains all the basic features and structures. Stencils of this kind also serve as an artist's blueprint for the tattoo design.

A tattoo stencil does not contain all the details of the tattoo that will be applied to the body. It sometimes does not even contain the color specifications of the design. Also, they are not used by all tattoo artists as there are some artists who prefer a freehand style, where they draw the design directly onto the skin. But because not all artists are skilled in tattooing a perfect design through direct application, some do use a pattern or a stencil.

Tattoo stencils are preferred by tattoo lovers, designers as well as almost all the tattoo enthusiasts. When it comes to having a custom tattoo design especially made for yourself, it is always better to use a custom tattoo stencil for your tattoo than using any other kind of stencil. There are many reasons for the same and they are mentioned below.

The first and the biggest advantage of having a tattoo stencil is that it makes the whole process of drawing the design a lot easy for the tattoo designer. If you have some experience of tattooing, you will realize how difficult it would be for a designer to work on a design without any outlining.

In the absence of a tattoo stencil, the designer has to start from scratch, which involves drawing the design onto the skin of the client before working on it. It not just makes the process very long, but quite strenuous as well. On the other hand, having a stencil or outline makes the tattoo artist's job so much easier.

A stencil also benefits a client who is going to have the tattoo done as the time taken in crafting the design gets considerably less. This is one factor that the designers must take into consideration because some clients may view this idea as a part of artist's professionalism and experience. So, the next time you go to have a new tattoo, let the tattoo designer know that you would like to have a stencil made for your selected tattoo design.

Another advantage that a tattoo stencil offers is for those who wish to have a permanent tattoo design on their body. The sketch shows that the tattoo size, the curves and edges of the design are perfectly outlined, and is exactly what the client really wants. Since the basic details can be seen on the stencil, a client can have a very clear idea of how the final design will turn out to be.

Taking all the above factors into account, it is suggested that using a pattern for a tattoo design is useful for both the client as well as the tattoo designer.

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