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Cool Tattoo Design Ideas

Cool Tattoo Designs for Men   

Have you ever wondered what makes a cool tattoo design? What do most cool tattoo ideas have in common? If you'd like to get a tattoo design which is stunning, unique, and special, here is a free guide to find some helpful ideas.

Before you discover a photo gallery of the latest coolest design ideas, first let's take a look at what really sets the difference between a normal ordinary tattoo... and a especially cool one.

Cool vs. Ordinary Tattoo Designs: What's the Difference?

Depending on your gender, there are certain tattoo patterns and designs that are considered cooler and more in the style nowadays. For example your friends might have recommended you to get a lion pattern, because it is considered trendy these days.

Well, one thing we sometimes forget, is the long life span that a tattoo stays with you, and how fast these trends will change. As you have seen many times in fashion, "cool styles" keep changing all the time - every year and even every month.

So what may be considered trendy and cool today, might look old and out of style next month. And when it comes to tattoo designs, the same circle applies.

And the tricky part is, a tattoo will stays on your body forever. So as you may agree, it is important that you choose a design idea that stays fresh and keeps looking great for many years to come.

How to Choose a Cool Tattoo Design?

The good news is, there are two helpful methods and you are free to use either of them that you like the best...

1. Follow Recommended Ideas from Friends or Celebrities

This is the easier method and also what most people do. If there is a celebrity you admire and you like their sense of style, you can easily take a look at what kinds of tattoos they have. This can help you easily find lots of creative cool ideas for your own tattoo.

You can also take a look at your own group of friends and social circle, and see which designs are common and considered cooler. This can be a safe easy way to find great design ideas that are accepted and admire among your group.

For example here you can check out some free unique tattoo ideas to help you find the patterns you like the most.

But what if you're looking for your own unique cool style when it comes to choosing a tattoo pattern? Then here's a second possible idea...

2. Choose the Tattoo Design YOU Find Uniquely Cool

If you like to look unique and dare to go against the flow, you can develop your own unique tattoo design idea, based on your own style and preferences. Why follow a celebrity or your friends, when you can be YOU and express your own coolness in a unique way?

Simply ask yourself which designs you feel connects with you? Which patterns do you sense expresses who you really are?

And remember, you are a special one-of-a-kind human being. So whatever design or idea is your style, that's a unique cool expression of who you are. So sometimes it's simply best to design your own tattoo.

So whether it is a creative tribal heart, or a lion's face, search for your own sense of style and you will easily find plenty of cool tattoo ideas that will look the best on you.

10 Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women:

To help you get started, here are simply some popular design ideas...

For Men:

  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • Wolf tattoo
  • Samurai
  • Japanese or Chinese characters
  • Skull
  • Music notes
  • Angel wings
  • Celtic cross
  • Aztec design
  • Birds of prey

For Women:

  • Butterfly
  • Shooting star
  • Heart tattoo
  • Rose, Lilies, or other flower tattoos
  • Music notes
  • Fairy
  • Guardian angel with wings
  • Cute birds (pigeon, penguin, canary, etc.)

Enjoy your search for cool trendy tattoo design ideas!

Girl Cool Tattoo Designs   

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