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Free Tattoo Design Ideas and Patterns

Free Tattoo Design Ideas   

Are you looking for free tattoo design ideas for men or women? It might be because of a loved one, or to express visually something you firmly believe. Whatever your reason might be, a tattoo is a unique painting that stays on your body for the rest of your life. So choosing the best design that you certainly like is an important first step.

The good news for you is, nowadays thankfully to the Internet, you gain a wide easy access to so many cool tattoo ideas and printable tattoo stencils and patterns you can simply choose from.

Or if you would like to design your own tattoo, you can simply get inspired by these various available ideas, and then mix them together to create your own unique design that captures and shows your individuality perfectly.

However if you'd like to take the simpler and easier path, you can find your favorite cool tattoo ideas online. Then by easily downloading the free printable tattoo stencil, you can simply take it to your tattoo artist and have it perfectly designed on your body, neck, wrist, or anywhere else that you wish.

To help you get more creative cool unique ideas, here are 5 helpful free tattoo ideas...

1. Zodiac Sign Tattoo Ideas

One of the most popular designs many men and women like to get on their body, is a zodiac symbol. As said in astrology, your zodiac birth sign tells a lot about your unique individual personality, and likes and dislikes.

So having a beautiful cool design of your zodiac sign can be a wonderful tattoo idea. You can easily check out the free tattoo photo galleries below to find various creative pattern ideas for your zodiac symbol:

2. Unique Meaningful Symbols

As you may agree, tattoos are all about meanings. Your tattoo is not just a symbol made out of ink under your skin. It represents a meaning you deeply and passionately believe in.

That's why some meaningful symbols are very common as a way of expressing that side of your unique individuality. Some of these symbols may be known universally for their meaning - like the peace sign tattoo that represents peace.

But some others may have a unique special meaning for you, based on the past events in your life. For example, maybe a rose tattoo is a sign of love and trust for you. Or maybe a shooting star tattoo might mean to you as a reminder of going after your dreams and shining like a star.

Whatever your special meaningful symbol is, you can simply use it as a cool unique tattoo idea. And this will feel more authentic and special to you, more than any other common general design that everyone else may be wearing out there.

3. Cool Creative Tattoo Design

Have you ever seen someone with a really cool creative tattoo that blows your mind? Don't you wish you had your own unique tattoo that turns heads when you walk around?

Thanks to the wide world of various creative tattoo galleries, this is now an easy option for you. Whether you are a man or a woman, there are hundreds of creative fabulous tattoo patterns you can choose from.

To help you get some ideas, here are some of the most stunning tattoo patterns you can choose from...

Tattoos for Men:

  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • Wolf tattoo
  • Skull
  • Music notes
  • Angel wings
  • Samurai
  • Japanese or Chinese characters
  • Celtic cross
  • Aztec design
  • Birds of prey
  • Koi fish

Tattoos for Women:

4. Best Body Parts for Your Tattoo?

That really depends on the size of your tattoo and your own personal preference. For example for a woman, a butterfly tattoo can easily look great on your lower back, wrist, arm, or even foot.

For a man, a lion tattoo can also look magnificent on your chest, back, or your arm. Overall, some tattoo signs are more common in certain places. For example a celtic tribal cross tattoo usually doesn't go on your foot or neck. It usually looks best on your chest, arm, or your back.

The key is to imagine your chosen favorite design on various body parts, and then trust your gut and common sense where it looks best.

Or if you are looking for a specific body part to choose a tattoo design for, here you can check out these helpful galleries to get inspired for more ideas...

5. Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

So what if you have chosen a tattoo symbol in the past, but now your opinion has changed and you wish to cover it up? This is actually quite a common thing that happens to many of us.

Because simply time changes a lot of things. You might have been a big fan of an idea or a person, but over the years you have become more mature and don't wish to keep that on your body anymore.

The good news is, you can easily use a simple Coverup Tattoo Design to hide that and transform it to something new that you actually enjoy today. You can easily check out this free gallery for plenty of helpful ideas and find the one that matches your old tattoo the best.

Free Tattoo Ideas   

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